Millions of the best rewards to motivate your participants  
  Exciting rewards generate the emotional energy and buzz that propel successful performance improvement, sales, recognition and loyalty programs. Incentives clearly drive interest and behavior when people value the rewards offered and believe they can attain them.  
  Finding the "perfect" rewards  
  But how do you assemble a set of rewards capable of inspiring all of your participants, with their varied and changing interests, tastes and standards? OnlineIncentiveExperts incentive programs get the attention of even the most discriminating participants by including the largest and most diverse collection of rewards in the industry. With choices numbering in the millions, it's now possible to offer the "perfect" reward selection, one with the power to motivate every single participant in your program.  
  Motivational rewards at many levels  

Rewards can be attained at a variety of point levels, appealing to different participant earning and "spending" behaviors - from the "saver" that sets sights on a high-value, dream reward, to the participant that craves the immediate gratification of redeeming quickly rewards at lower point values. We've also found that including a selection of low point level choices in your reward mix will broaden overall program engagement; it motivates lower and mid-level performers because appealing rewards are within reach of their point earning ability.

At the other end of the reward spectrum, we offer Uniquely Yours, a high-end, custom reward redemption service that fulfills special, "big-ticket" requests for your superstar performers. With Uniquely Yours, there are virtually no limits to your program rewards - if your participants can find it, we can fulfill it. Through Uniquely Yours, we've delivered rewards as diverse and expensive as a new Jeep Grand Cherokee, $10,000 in gold vouchers or National Bonds, and as little as $50 worth as shopping vouchers!

  International Rewards  

Are your participants scattered throughout the globe? Localized reward fulfillment is available in many countries to support international incentive and reward programs. Contact OnlineIncentiveExperts to discuss your specific application.

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